The Victoria Woodhull Saga Quartet

by Neal Katz



The book is a historical fiction account of Victoria Woodhull’s rise from poverty and a broken family to become one of the influential and wealthy women suffrage leaders. As her influence grew, she became a presidential candidate. While this is a Victorian America historical fiction account of woman suffrage, author Neal Katz calls it herstorical faction written as magical realism.

The Outrageous woman everyone should know
… and why nobody does

What compels a woman and her youngest sister to overcome abject poverty and violent abuse to grow up to defy convention and obliterate every barrier and then become the first women to own and operate a Wall Street brokerage firm and publish their own newspaper?

First Woman to Run for President

How did Victoria Claflin Woodhull (1838–1927) become the first woman invited to speak to the United State Congress, and then the first woman to run for President, in 1872? What made Tennessee Celeste Claflin (1845–1923) so beguiling that the richest man in America, Cornelius Vanderbilt, fell completely in love with her, despite being over thrice her tender age?

What caused the sisters to live out their long lives as royalty and peerage in Europe, Victoria living as a Lady, landed gentry outside of London, and Tennessee as a Viscountess in a huge castle like a queen?

Why aren’t these empowered and independent women iconic symbols of the potential of all women?

Volume One, OUTRAGEOUS: Rise to Riches, of The Victoria Woodhull Saga

Volume One, OUTRAGEOUS: Rise to Riches, of The Victoria Woodhull Saga tells the poignant, lascivious, and compelling inside story of how the sisters worked closely with Cornelius Vanderbilt, who at age 74 fell in love with the beguiling 24-year old Tennessee. Victoria provided the titan of industry “Inside Her Information” gathered through the soiled sisterhood, the ladies of the evening working at the top seven brothels servicing the rich and famous of New York City.

This relationship resulted in the great lion of industry having his last public roar as together they manipulated the financial markets and orchestrated the impending collapse of the U.S. economy in the gold scandal of 1869. To avert the crash, President Ulysses S. Grant provides the richest man in America insider information on the gold market and telegrams Vanderbilt that his railroad company, the largest company in America, is “Too Big To Fail!” Vanderbilt was proclaimed “The Savior of the American Economy” for intervening in a crisis he manipulated.

Through Victorian America historical fiction, view life through the eyes and thoughts of one of the leading heroines, Victoria Woodhull. Watch as the infighting and elitism of the earliest suffrage women denigrating, castigating, and denouncing other equally passionate suffrage rights women threw the entire movement into a deep chasm, which delayed woman suffrage and equal legal standing for five decades. Learn wonderful anecdotes of the origins of products and phrases used today.

Volume Two, SCANDALOUS: Fame, Infamy, and Paradise Lost

In Volume Two, SCANDALOUS: Fame, Infamy, and Paradise Lost, learn the story of the sisters’ meteoric rise in popularity and influence and the equal velocity of their fall. The reader watches the sisters accomplish all their groundbreaking firsts. Witness the battle with Reverend Henry Ward Beecher, the most popular man in America, who transformed Christianity from his father’s “fire and brimstone” theology to one of a compassionate and loving Jesus, who will redeem all who turn to salvation by confession of their sins. The reverend’s personal life did not imitate his lofty and popular theology of his weekly sermons at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights. He was a notorious womanizer, often bedding, and sometimes impregnating the wives, sisters, and daughters of his most ardent trackers and deacons of the church.

Victorian America Historical Fiction Volumes Three and Four

Volumes Three and Four will detail the restoration to wealth and fame of the sisters as they live out their long lives in Europe. They continue to champion the Women’s Rights Movement and advise Emmeline Pankhurst on the philosophy of the British Suffragette movement.

Victoria becomes Lady Martin (peerage), and Tennessee becomes Lady Cook, marrying one of the wealthiest men in Europe, whom Queen Victoria appoints the Baron of Portugal due to her fascination with the young Tennie. She lived out her days in a palatial arabesque style castle restored by Lord Francis Cook to honor his Viscountess of Monserrate, Baronet of Portugal.

A Victorian America historical fiction piece written in the first person from Victoria’s viewpoint, author Neal Katz weaves a compelling page-turning story that cleverly unfolds history while providing a wonderfully entertaining ride. Katz has pledged one-half of his book sale proceeds to charities dedicating to the empowerment and sustainable economic improvement of women, especially single mothers.