Author Neal Katz pledges one half of all his proceeds from sales of the feminist historical fiction series The Victoria Woodhull Saga, including all ancillary rights to establish the New Woman Development Foundation. The NWDevF mission is to:

Promote awareness of women’s emancipation,
and empower women globally, in a financially
sustainable and renewable manner.

Charitable activities will be delivered through the concept of Credit Funding, developed by Mr. Katz. This will create a new approach to charity funding— “charitable loans.” Beneficiaries will agree to pay forward the funds they receive, when they have become successful, by making donations to the Foundation to sponsor the next person in line.

Example: A vocational training program will select inner city single mothers to become licensed Registered Nurses or Medical Technicians. Moms will receive the funds and support to complete their training, and job placement. As new high-income wage earners, each mom will donate 20% of her net pay to the Foundation to fund the next woman. Note: Because the charitable donation is deductible, this avoids the phantom income tax on funds used to repay the principle on student loans.

The plan is to roll out the first program as a reality TV show, with three teams of eight mothers in different cities. After a dramatic selection process, the usual weekly competitions would be part of the program, except in this show everyone wins. 25% of the judging criteria each week is based on how much each individual helps her teammates, and 25% on how each team helps the other teams. Thus, to win, you have to help everyone else. Everyone gets a prize, some more impressive than others.

The NWDevF will co-produce the show, and any realized profits will be used to expand Foundation outreach.

For more information, read the articles below:

Outrageous; The Victoria Woodhull Saga Vol 1 Book Image

This debut novel won 12 literary awards. OUTRAGEOUS, traces an icon of Victorian American feminism, Victoria Woodhull from childhood poverty and horrific abuse to becoming one of the wealthiest women in America, founding the first woman-owned brokerage firm on Wall Street, and the first woman-owned newspaper. Victoria will stop at nothing to achieve her destiny.

Scandalous; The Victoria Woodhull Saga Vol 2 Book Image

Volume 2 of The Victoria Woodhull Saga brings Victorian America and the struggle of women to life. The facts amaze, audacity engages, lascivious adventures entertain, and the abuses of power render all of it Scandalous!

Scandalous has won 5 literary awards.

Neal Katz Awards

2016 Winner of three Gold Medals: IBPA Ben Franklin, Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book by a Publisher, the IPPY Award for Best Historical Fiction, and Gold Medal for Historical Fiction/Personage by Reader's Favorite. Other Awards: Finalist in the Historical Fiction category of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Second Place winner of the IndieReader Discovery Award for Best Fiction, Best New Fiction in the International Book Awards for 2016, Finalist in two categories Independent Author Network Book of the Year, Chantecleer Goethe Award Finalist, Shelf Unbound Notable 100, and one of IndieReader's Best Books of 2016.