A Different Kind of Reality Show: New Woman Development T.V.

A Different Kind of Reality Show


New Woman Development T.V.


Do you remember how Oprah Winfrey changed the content and tone of daytime talk shows? Oprah abandoned atrocious behavior, and broadcast uplifting segments, offering inspiration and hope. The rest is history.


Now is the time to do the same thing for reality show television. Imagine a reality show where EVERYONE wins if they help each other. A new show documents participants as they train, grow, and evolve from limited resources, low self-esteem, and low-paying jobs into confident women earning excellent wages. Passionate single mothers willing to work hard, transform, and evolve weekly. They improve their lives and the lives of their children. The message is compassion, courage, women empowerment, and hope.


An interview, vocational testing, and selection process reveals the life stories and personal motivations of each participant. Celebrity judges select 3 teams in urban inner cities of 8 single moms and their kids. The families live collectively in an apartment building, organized on scheduled communal responsibility to afford the moms time to focus, study, and train to become highly paid Registered Nurses or Certified Medical Technicians.


Typical mean and cruel weekly failure-and-departure competitions will be replaced with positive healthy living competitions.  Fifty percent (50%) of the weekly scores will be individual performance; 25% will be how much each person helped their other team members; and 25% will be how much each team assisted and aided the other teams. To win, you have to help others.


Guest celebrities will introduce life choices, such as healthy eating, collective buying power, non-violent communication, meditation, exercise, neuro-linguistic programming, finance, etc. First individual prize will receive a special award, like a celebrity tour of Disney World, first team prize would receive an award like family trips to Disney World, but each team, winner or not, would also receive a local fun and memorable reward.


Each mother will sign a letter of intentions to pay-forward a tax deductible donation equal to 20% of their future net wages to fund the next group in line, until their tax deductible donations equal the dollars spent to shift their lives.


Neal Katz, author of OUTRAGEOUS: The Victoria Woodhull Saga, Volume 1: Rise to Riches (September, 2015), a story of women empowerment, overcoming adversities, and success, is donating one-half of all his proceeds to a charity to fund the conceptual stage of this new kind of reality show. Once a major production company is involved, Neal plans to request a CREDIT FUNDING LOAN, not a gift or donation, to fund production. Revenues from selling the show to broadcast stations will pay the loans. Then, we will do it all again, and again: creating Renewable and Sustainable Charity Funding!


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